The Albury & District Preschools Partnership Group

Our Centre belongs to the Albury & District Preschools Partnership Group. In 2011, Twenty, stand-alone community based rural and regional preschools came together to form the Albury & District Preschools Partnership Group. The group employs an early childhood professional Mel Morris to develop and review policies and procedures which characterize current legislation, regulations and best practice. Individual services have the ability to adjust and fine tune these policies in consultation with their community to meet their unique authenticity. Mel also keeps our group up to date with the latest information from organisations such as Department of Education and Communities, Community Early Learning Australia, ACECQA and other key stakeholders in the field of early childhood education. Mel is also responsible for maintaining an updated casual educator’s relief list and organizes professional development and training for all services. Our group believes in the National Quality Framework and advocates for universal access to affordable, high quality early childhood education and care for all children. The group lobby’s on behalf of the rights of children, families, educators and the community in the best interests of our future.

The group meets for one day each term at a central location. This meeting in its self provides an opportunity for members to network, share ideas and practices, resource one another, discuss research and policy development and the unique challenges we face as rural and regional preschools in NSW.

The ‘collective approach’ within our partnering group, has supported our preschool to move forward during times of significant change and forge not only partnerships, but friendships, with early childhood professionals and their communities.

Community Connections Solutions Australia (CCSA)

We are a member of Community Connections Solutions Australia (CCSA). CCSA is an organisation which provides comprehensive information, resources and support to early childhood education and care (ECEC) services like preschools. They support and guide the Management Committee in the areas of governance, management, compliance, business and workplace relations, award support and also provide professional development workshops.

Early Childhood Australia (ECA)

Early Childhood Australia (ECA) is a peak body for community based education and care services. As a member of the organisation, we have access to support with advocacy, professional development, resourcing, National Quality Framework information, early childhood news and literature, research, forms, documents and help guides.