Family Participation

We believe family participation is central to children’s learning. There is notable consensus amongst educational spheres that parents are children’s first and most influential educators. We recognise this crucial ingredient and understand the importance of good communication and a co-ordinated partnership between parents and educators in supporting educational and care outcomes for children. Family participation is welcomed and valued on all levels from the day to day involvement in activities, curriculum, management, administration and fundraising. Parents are given the opportunity to participate in our community preschool in ways which suit them best.

“Nurturing, warm, and responsive parent-child relationships and parent participation in child-centered activities relate to positive learning outcomes in early childhood.”

Source:Harvard Research Project, "Family Involvement Makes a Difference," Spring, 2006

Why are Partnerships important?

Substantial evidence exists to show that children whose parents are involved in their schooling have significantly increased their academic achievement and cognitive development (Andrews and others 1982; Henderson 1981; and Herman and Yeh 1980).

Family Events

Primarily, we encourage families to participate in our preschool program. Our educators and our environment invites parents and siblings to join the children in play based learning and engage with their preschool family. Families are welcome to join us at preschool at any time.

In supporting relationships within our service our preschool organizes and sponsors several free family events:

  • Welcome to Preschool Morning Tea
  • Parents Pizza & Play Night
  • Noah’s Ark Family Night
  • Termly Mum’s Night Out
  • Family BBQ’s
  • Christmas Singalong and Family Night