Your child will learn through PLAY! and have FUN!

They will have the opportunity to experiment, explore and investigate with various materials and in a variety of learning environments. Our curriculum areas encompass numeracy, science, language and literacy, dance and drama, communication, social and emotional wellbeing, caring for our environment, geography, health and nutrition.

Our program is on display above the children’s lockers.

Your child will:

  • imagine, day dream, sing, dance, dramatise, take time out to relax and reflect.
  • discover, experiment, explore, investigate, solve problems and practice theories.
  • build with blocks, plan, develop, construct, connect and mould.
  • dress-up, pretend, role play and act out.
  • draw, paint, collage, cut, write, paste, thread and post.
  • solve puzzles, categorise, measure, count, identify, experiment, sequence, hypothesise and observe.
  • chat with others, develop friendships, participate in music, story and language group times.
  • run, climb, jump, balance, catch and throw, hop, skip, tip toe, swing, ride bikes, take risks and challenge their abilities.
  • take ownership of their own individual and group play.
  • care and share with others, take turns, show awareness and respect for others feelings, negotiate and compromise, express themselves in a variety of ways, feel secure & comfortable within themselves & their environment.
  • unpack and pack their bag, cook, pack away toys and belongings, follow directions, increase independence, manage responsibility and participate in the routines.