Enrolment Administration Fee


$50.00 must be paid upon enrolment to secure your child’s preschool placement. The enrolment fee covers the associated administration costs of enrolling your child at the Centre. The enrolment fee is not refundable.


Incorporated Association Membership Fee

Families wishing to utilise our Centre must become a legal members of our association. An annual $11 (GST Inc) Incorporated Association Membership fee is payable in Term 1 each year.


Equity Fee

If your family is a Health Care Card, Pension Card holder or of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent you are eligible to access the equity fee rate.


Non-Notifcation of Absence Fee

A $10 absence fee is payable upon failing to notify the preschool by 10am of your child's absence.


Sickness/Family Holidays

Full Fees are payable on these days. Out of the safety of your child, courtesy and for programming reasons, staff should be notified of your child's absence. Please telephone the Preschool to advise the staff that your child will not be attending.


Public and School Holidays

Fees are payable on public holidays.

Fees are not payable over school holidays.


Casual Days

If vacancies exist casual days are available for $30 per day (permanent booked children only) and are to be paid on the day. Each child can have up to three casual days per term, they cannot be used on a regular basis.

If you know in advance that your child will be away or if he / she is sick, could you please ring the Preschool, preferably at 8.30am. We can then offer a casual day vacancy to anyone who may wish to be on the casual day list.

If you would like your child to have the occasional extra day at Preschool, please advise the Director and your child will be placed on the casual list.

N.B. You still pay full fees regardless of your child being in attendance or not.


Sibling Discount

A 5% sibling discount is available to families with more than one child attending. The discount applies to the second child and consecutive children attending the service.


Occasional and Emergency Care Available

Occasional & emergency care is available to the wider community. Full fees apply.


Part Days (3 year old session)

If vacancies exist on a Monday and no families require a full day session, the part day session (9am - 1pm) will also be available for a fee of $34.00.  If a family requires a full day session priority will be given to this family and the offer of a part day will cease.


New Enrolments

No new enrolments will be taken from families with outstanding fees. Once outstanding fees are settled the child can be re-enrolled.



Families are welcome to view the Kapooka Early Childhood Centre Policy folder. The policy folder is readily available and accessible at all times. The policies cover an extensive number of aspects e.g. accidents, sun safety, emergency evacuations, illness, code of conduct, positive guidance and discipline. Upon your child’s enrolment, an educator will discuss several policies with you. As parents/guardians you are required to read and familiarize yourself with these and sign that you understand and agree to these policies & procedures.

The Centre policies are developed by an early childhood consultant, reviewed by the educators, families and Management Committee of Kapooka Early Childhood Centre Inc on a regular basis. Our policies and procedures assist to guide the actions of all individuals involved in the Centre. They ensure and endorse the well-being of all children, families, staff, management, volunteers, visitors and everyone who is connected to the Centre. Policies and procedures provide a common understanding and agreement on how things should be done at the service. Procedures provide clear instructions and guidelines on what should occur in a particular set of circumstances or with regard to a particular issue.