Good nutrition is essential to healthy living and enables children to be active participants in play and leisure. Learning about healthy lifestyles,including nutrition is integral to children's wellbeing and self-confidence (Early Years Learning Framework, 2009 page 30)

Our Centre recognises the importance of healthy eating to the growth and development of young children and is committed to supporting the healthy food and drink choices of children in our care. The Centre provides a variety of food and cooking experiences to enhance the children's knowledge about food, nutrition and healthy eating practices. The Centre is committed to implementing the healthy eating key messages outlined in the NSW Government - 'Munch and Move' program and to supporting the National Healthy Eating Guidelines for Early Childhood Settings as outlined in the 'Get Up and Grow' resources. Learning about healthy lifestyles underpins everyday routines and experiences.

The Centre Nutrition and Healthy Eating Practices Policy 2.4.0 is readily available to families on request.