Some children are so excited and can’t wait to say goodbye, others are quiet, withdrawn, and some may cry!                                   (But don’t worry these feelings can be quite normal for children to experience at some stage of their development).

Your child may have separation anxiety and this can even develop after attending preschool for a length of time. Parents are encouraged to stay as long as they feel necessary - you may wish to stay for 10-15 minutes to assist with settling them in. However, sometimes it may be better to leave your child and return early to spend some time at the preschool in the afternoon - it all depends on your child's and your own needs.

When leaving after drop off, please say goodbye and reassure your child that you will return at home time in the afternoon to collect them. If your child is unsettled, always seek out a staff member to let them know you are leaving and they will assist by comforting, occupying and settling your child in to Preschool play.

If your child remains distressed and does not settle for a length of time, an educator will contact you to discuss possible options.             Feel free to ring the preschool at any time if you are feeling unsure of your child settling.                       

Generally, all children settle within a few moments and happily engage into the preschool day.

Please be reassured that if your child is really distressed, we will ring you.