As a part of our Sun Safe Policy children are encouraged to wear:

· A broad brimmed or legionnaires hat.

· loose fitting shirts and dresses with sleeves and collars or covered neckline. Longer style skirts, shorts & trousers and sunglasses.

Please note: The Cancer Council advises that caps/visors, midriff, crop or singlet tops, do not provide enough sun protection and therefore are not recommended.

The Preschool encourages parents to sunscreen their child at home 20 mins prior to the start of their child’s preschool day. The Preschool also provides a water resistant, broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen for parents to apply on arrival. Sammy the bear looks after our sunscreen and is located at the entrance under the trees. Please visit ‘Sammy’ and sunscreen your child before departing. Educators will re-apply when required.

In the first and fourth term we implement a sun safe routine ensuring limited outdoor play between 11.00am and 3.00pm.

 Our Sun Protection Policy - 2.4.5 is available at the Centre and readily available upon request.