How do we make a difference?


Our preschool's sustainable practices are embedded into the daily program. Our service Sustainability Statement and policy, guides our practice. Our educators, children and families work together to learn about and promote the sustainable use of resources so we can develop and implement sustainable practices.


Sustainable practices which have been adopted in our service include:


  • The keeping of purebred poultry (Mottled Pekins) allows children to experience farming on a small scale. The educational perspective allows children to learn about life cycles, the responsibility involved in caring for animals (feeding, watering & grooming), respect for living things, self-sustainability, promoting poultry as a hobby/interest, the benefits of permaculture and breeding and exhibition of poultry. Food scraps are collected to feed the chickens on a regular basis. Excess scraps are taken home by educators/or families for their chickens.
  • The installation of a water tank to support water conservation and recycling.
  • We use a Worm Farm to produce ‘worm juice’ fertiliser for our gardens and pot plants. Food scraps are collected to feed the worm farm on a regular basis.
  • Vegetable, fruit, herb, sensory, native gardens and pot plants provide children with an opportunity to care for plants, grow their own food and produce, respect the natural beauty of plants and experience their sensory pleasures.
  • The use of pea straw on plants reduces water absorption and the growth of weeds.
  • Native Wildlife.
  • Water saving taps and an in ground sprinkler system set on a timer promotes and facilitates water conservation.
  • Utilising Kurrajong Recycling Services to remove recyclable materials such as paper, glass, plastic etc.
  • Mini Earth hour on a daily basis. Several lights are turned off when outside to reduce gas house emissions and the financial expense.
  • Dual flush toilets support water conservation.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of resources eg. leaking taps fixed promptly
  • Paper recycling bins are located throughout the preschool. Waste is then placed in the large red recycling bin.
  • Nesting boxes provide a safe and inviting environment for the local bird life.
  • The natural spacious playground promotes interaction with nature and children gain an appreciation, respect and love for living things. An aesthetically pleasing environment supports a positive sense of wellbeing and happiness.
  • Grassed areas have been reduced and replaced over the years with paved, sand, stone, mud and soft fall areas.
  • Our preschool participates in local and national sustainable activities and events such as Clean Up Australia Day, Plant a Tree, Recycling Week, Earth Hour, Greenie Grants.
  • Increased use of electronic means to communicate with families: newsletters, invoices/statements, educational, health and safety brochures reduces the consumption of paper, ink, electricity.
  • Our Preschool Program provides many opportunities for children and families to engage in sustainable practices  - using recyclable materials in the box construction and collage (eg. boxes, lids, newspaper, containers), seeking off cuts & scrap materials from families and the community, recycling paper, incorporating natural materials into the play based program, seeking resources from op shops, yours 2 take, Gregadoo Tip shop. Our preschool has several books, games, posters and puzzles which promote sustainable practices. Learning centres are created to support children’s understanding and knowledge of sustainable practices.


Our educators are conscious of conserving our planet their personal interests and professional knowledge is practised within the service.