To assist your child’s transition to Preschool and allow your child to sustain a high level of energy for their preschool day please take note of the following:


LUNCH: (approx. 11.00am – 11.30am) Please send along your child’s lunch in an insulated lunch box with an ice brick to ensure your child’s lunch remains cold and fresh. Your child’s lunch will remain in their bag until lunch time. Some healthy food options include sandwiches, rice cakes, chicken legs, salad, baked beans, yoghurt, carrots, dried fruits, cheese etc.

      NOTE: Chips, lollies, chocolates, jellies, roll-ups, muesli bars, fruit juice are not healthy food choices.

      These food types are discouraged due to high levels of sugar and salt.

      Our service policy strives to support healthy eating practices.

      Please refrain from using cling wrap as this can sometimes be very difficult for your child to undo/unwrap.  

  1. Nude food containers are a good option and assist to reduce land fill waste.
  2. P.S - Please ensure you place an ice brick or cooler in your child’s insulated lunch box (all year round).

FRUITO BAG - AFTERNOON TEA: (approx. 1.30 – 2.00pm) Preferably, fruit plus a snack (please pre-cut any fruit your child is unable to manage by him/herself) in a named brown paper bag. These bags can then be sent home to be recycled.

ADEQUATE FOOD: Please ensure your child has adequate food for a busy day!

NAMING YOUR CHILD’S BROWN PAPER BAGS: When writing your child’s name please ensure the correct use of a capital letter and lower case letters. It is also very useful to draw a picture on the bag for your child to recognize. Your child may also be able to write their own name &/or draw a picture.

POP TOP DRINK BOTTLE: Filled with water. Drink bottles can be refilled at preschool.

SPARE SET OF CLOTHES: The children enjoy lots of messy, water, mud/sand & sensory play so please ensure dry clothes are available in their bags. Preschool shirts are available at a cost of $10.

NAMED HAT (wide brim or legionnaires – NO Caps: these do not provide adequate protection). If your child does not bring a hat to preschool a Preschool hat will be provided and a borrowing fee of $2 per day charged to your account. Preschool hats can be purchased from the Centre for a fee of $20.

LARGE NAMED SCHOOL BAG: This is a MUST have, to hold all the above plus all of your child’s wonderful preschool creations and collections etc….. Preschool educators encourage the children to be responsible & pack away their own belongings to support and foster their transition to big school. Please ensure your child’s name is located on the front of their bag to assist children/educators with identification.

FULL DAY SESSION: Children attending the full day session (8.30am – 4.00pm) will require all of the above.

If your child becomes hungry prior to our mealtimes your child will be offered a snack from their lunch box.